Scripture Union Graduates 39 Children Workers
CCP staff together with Sunday school teachers from Free Pentecostal Fellowship, Deliverance Church Solid Rock, Deliverance Church Riruta, Maranatha Faith Assemblies and Deliverance Church Kikuyu road graduated on June 24th upon completion of the “Spiritual Nurture for Children” course. The groups had for the last three consecutive Saturdays attended the crash course to prepare them to serve the children effectively as well as prepare the staff for the change of the Curriculum and re-organization of the Good News Club in the third term. The last day saw the children workers cover three topics being Disciple Making Principles, Seven Social Emotional Needs of a Child and Temperaments. Millicent Mwikali, Scripture Union Volunteer described five Discipleship Principles as: pray, connect, find, show and equip. ‘Pray to God for a harvest, find the curious seekers in your classes and identify them. Show them the new life in Christ and how to read the scriptures, and then equip them to start making disciples,’ Millicent encouraged the team. She challenged the children workers experiencing shortage of laborers to identify seekers in their classes, train, equip and plug them into the ministry. She emphasized that discipleship making is never a coincidence but an intentional deliberate and relational focus. Seven social emotional needs of a child were pointed out as the need to be: loved, valued, accepted, challenged, acknowledged and to have set boundaries. Lastly, Rev. Paul Muoki, National Youth and Children Coordinator covered temperament types. He explained that temperament theory of personalities believes that people are born with a personality but also the environment in which they live play a part in shaping it. According to this theory, people are either introverted (Melancholy or Phlegmatic) or extroverted (Sanguine, Choleric). All the participants did their own personality test to help them know their personalities. Rev Paul noted that all personalities have both strengths and weakness and therefore encouraged participants to aspire the Spirit filled personality. He said it is important for Christians to allow the Holy Spirit to influence their personalities so they can live above the weakness of their inherent personalities. He challenged the children workers to identify children personalities in their classes to help understand and engage the students better as they taught God’s word. Stella Mwangi CCP’s Managing Director addressed the children workers saying ‘serve with love, humility and diligence and the Lord will reward you’. She reminded them that their commitment to bring transformation in the lives of the children is what matters the most. The training ended with issuing certificates of completion to all the participants, a commissioning prayer for all the participants by Rev. Jered Kataka the Scripture Union Nairobi County Coordinator. A final prayer was made for CCP’s leadership where the Rev. Paul prayed for Stella Mwangi, CCP’s Managing Director.
Rev. Paul training
listening intently
Stella Mwangi(CCP's Managing Director addressing the participants
Rev. Kataka of Scripture Union addressing the participants
A time of prayer
Prayer for Stella
Certificates of completion awarded
Group photo for all
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