Azusa Pacific University (APU) Students visit
A team of six students comprising of two PHD students and 4 Masters students’ from Azusa Pacific University Counselling Psychology department are in the country for two weeks to offer counselling services to CCP clients as well as train in various forums. This year we have Leah Freeman, Hannah Fowble, Talar Kabadayah, Toni Caddell team leader, Sarah Bubna and Dr. Sheryn Scott their professor. On July 10th, the team visited CCP office where they interacted with the staff and covered the CCP’s counselling framework. Thereafter, the guests together with the staff went out on home visits. Later in the day, the team visited CCP Academy and Gatina Primary Schools where they met the teachers and the pupils. Counselling psychology students of Azusa Pacific University visits CCP every year for the last eight years for the purpose of reaching out to children through counselling. We pray for God’s blessing in their two week’s mission at CCP and that the clients they minister to through counselling will experience transformation.
CCP satff welcoming APU students into the office
APU Student signs CCP's Guests Registry Book
They called themselves' Wazito'
Happy to do home visit together
Sharing lunch
A group photo
Knowing each other in a smaller team
APU students meet some CCP academy pupils
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