Scripture Union Kenya Trains Forty One Children Workers
Forty one children workers on June 10th started on “Children Ministry Intermediate Level Training” facilitated by Scripture Union Kenya. The course aimed strengthening and running effectively Bible clubs and will take place for the next three Saturdays. The first day brought together 24 CCP staff and 17 Sunday school teachers from five churches being: Free Pentecostal Fellowship, Deliverance Church Solid Rock, Deliverance Church Riruta, Maranatha Faith Assemblies and Deliverance Church Kikuyu road. The day began with a call from Fredrick Mmbwanga, CCP’s Youth and Children Coordinator for all children workers to pass the knowledge they would receive from the training to trustworthy men who would continue to pass it down to others (I Tim2:2). The Scripture Union team led by Reverend Paul Muoki and Millicent Mwikali covered three sessions; Children Developmental Stages, Understanding the World of a Child and Laws of Teaching. Children Developmental Stages session led by Rev. Paul covered six stages. These included Pre-natal stage (in the womb) which he termed as a critical time where ministries ought to think about expectant mothers. The Infancy stage (0-1.5 years) is where a child is totally dependent on the care giver and they communicate through crying. Rev. Paul emphasized that at this stage children learn to trust or mistrust their environment. He moved on to Toddler stage (1.5-3 years) where children learn to be independent, to share, and to own. ‘Toddlers do not like order; instead they like to discover things,’ said Rev. Paul. Caregivers therefore should provide a safe environment free from hazards for exploration. At Preschool stage (4-6 years), children are more assertive and begin to resist parental instructions. He advised parents to be firm, fair and friendly to them. The School age (7-12 years) is where games and talents are an important part of life; children start to identify with adult role models. Paul advised that children be guided in distinguishing good models from the bad ones. Lastly, he discussed the Adolescence stage (12-19 years) where teenagers separate themselves emotionally from the parents and associate more with the opposite sex. He said teenagers struggle with identity especially what other people say about them. Adults should be careful not to embarrass them; instead be gracious noting that teenagers experiment with values and rules before they make their own. On ‘Understanding the World of a Child’, Millicent informed the group that culture and relationships around a child are shaped by experiences at school, church, community, family, technology and recreation activities. “Children today are living in a different world from the one we grew up in,” said Millicent. She advised that the children workers be sensitive to the cultural context of a child so they can bond creating a mental attitude conducive for learning. The last session covering seven “Laws of Teaching” by John M. Gregory which included: the law of teaching, law of the teacher, the law of the learner, law of the teaching process, law of the language, law of the lesson and the law of review and application. Rev. Paul explained each Law comprehensively cautioning children workers on the need to be audible, observant on the learner in every learning context to see whether they are keen or not and also know them personally. Language used in teaching needed to be common between the teacher and the learner, best abbreviated as “KISS” meaning “Keep It Simple and Stupid’. The teacher must stimulate thinking and help the learners discover the truth for themselves. Rev. Paul emphasized that all lessons must have a spiritual angle to help leaners have a holistic understanding of the world. He reminded the participants to always summarize their lesson so that children can retell what they have learnt in their own vocabulary. “Review the lessons, encourage children to ask questions about it, and then correct what is not understood”, he said.
Trainers Paul and Millicent consult
Worship and Prayer before the training sessions.
CCP's Frederick Mmbwanga Introducing Rev. Paul.
Rev. Paul Training
Participants taking some notes
Lets confirm from the Scriptures
Millicent training
A participant asking a question
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