Redefining Missions
CCP Youth Service reopened on 6th May 2017 at Community Centre preaching on ‘’Missions’’ shared by Ken Bert, a missionary from Scripture Union of Kenya. Ken sought to clarify “What is God’s Mission?” and “What is Mission?” Ken pointed out that God mission is that men are reconciled to Him (1 Tim 2:4). He said that “Missions is all about God’s love for his people” contrary to what many believe as missions’ trips or special events in our church calendars. Jesus’ mission was to seek the lost and knows that lost people do not desire to go to church therefore we must seek them. Ken gave characteristics of lost people as: spiritually blind, spiritually lost in darkness and captured by Satan’s power. Jesus tells everyone to go and win others for Him in Matthew 4:19. We are to actively reach out to others for Christ hence the call to be missionaries, help people be saved and restore their relationships with Christ. Ken gave two types of missionaries; one being inactive missionary who sits on the bench and could be serving but not telling others about Christ and the second being an active missionary who submits themselves to Christ and reaches out to others for Christ. Ken pointed out that sharing God’s word is a command coming from Matthew 28:19-20 with a promise of God being with us every step of the way. Once people get to know Christ we are to Disciple them by teaching them how to read God’s word, how to pray and how to tell others about Christ. Finally Ken shared materials to help share the gospel: use of colors- where you as you explain the meaning of colors as you explain salvation, the Roman Road where you share the entire salvation story using the books of Romans alone and a little booklet titled ‘STEPS TO PEACE WITH GOD.’’ At the end his wife Nancy led us in the closing prayer.
Missionary Ken Bert
Listening attentively
Ken demonstrating an evangelism tool
service is ongoing
Nancy Bert leading a prayer
Joan Nanjala a youth Volunteer addressing fellow youth in the service
missionary Ken and his wife Nancy
Some games after the service
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