2017 CCP Staff Prayer Day
CCP staff congregated to spend time in prayers on May 31st, 2017 at CCP Community Center, Kawangware. The day’s theme ‘The fervent Prayer of a Righteous Man’ taken from James 1:16 aimed to encourage the staff live a prayerful life submitted to God. Prayer kicked off with a worship experience in the morning, then Damaris Karugu, a CCP staff led fellow colleagues in a time of personal prayer. She reminded us of Hannah who prayed for a child in 1st Samuel chapter one and her request was granted. Afterwards, Harriet Mwari, CCP’s Communication Coordi- nator, led the team to pray for each other in pairs and also for peace and prosperity in our nation this season as we prepare for a general election on August 8th 2017. We prayed for godly influence that last in the lives of the children and the families we minister to. Also for the upcoming events including a Medical Camps in the month of July, the process of Drilling a Bore hole at community Centre, Clinic project intended to be put up at the community Centre as well and a Vacation Bible School (VBS) planned to happen in August and in November. Stella Mwangi, CCP’s Managing Director led us to pray for the CCP board members present and in the future both in Kenya and at LifeHouse Foundation. We Thanked God for the partnership we have with Christ Church of the Valley (CCV) and Asuza Pacific University (APU) for over 12 and six years respectively and also the Western Christian High School (WCHS) who facilitated our April VBS this year. We also had a time to pray for all CCP sponsors as well. We prayed for Teams visiting with us the remaining part of the year, such as; Simply 2 Love team, Asuza Pacific University students, For The Boys (FTB) team, couples Kelsey & Justin McGee, Vicky & Ken Bauer and Christ Church of the Valley Experience teams among others from USA. May the Lord grant them travel mercies and the resources for the trip. We are confident the Lord has heard and is working his good purposes to transform lives and to advance his kingdom all over the world.
Damaris, leads the team on the importance of personal prayer
Searching the scripture
Praying for one another
Personal Intercession
Fredrick, CCP Children & Youth Coordinator leads the team in intercession prayer
Harriet, CCP's Communication Coordinator addressing the group
Dancing for the Lord
The Praise and worship team
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