CCP Academy Opens for Second Term
CCP Academy School opened on May 3rd, 2017 with the week’s theme ‘Turning Point’ and 79 students in attendance. All students were brought to school by their parents and guardians on the first day. The teacher on duty, Davis Kidake encouraged the students to maintain cleanliness and time management. Fredrick Mmbwanga, Children & Youth Coordinator encouraged the students with the word of God from Acts 9:1-31. Fredrick gave a story of Saul in the Bible and how he persecuted Christian but at the end he made a turning point after conversion. “You need a turning point in your life; it may be the kind of friends you keep. You need to balance your life”, Fredrick remarked. Fredrick advised on three important things to make a turning point; make Jesus Christ your best friend, lead a prayerful life and lastly, avoid bad company. Hilda Mwavishi, CCP Academy head teacher, emphasized on timeliness to report to school and observing school rules. “Am looking forward to pupils who are ready to learn”, Hilda said. CCP Academy, which begun in May 2014 and has 126 children (111 children from CCP’s Sponsorship program and 15 from the community). The academy is an Upper Primary School concentrating that prepares students for High School, College and University. The academy has five classes starting from forth to eighth grade. CCP Academy boasts of highly trained and registered teachers, well equipped library with enough textbooks for every student and field trips to both high schools and universities.
Fredrick, CCP's Children & Youth Coordinator encouraging the Pupils
Taking some notes
Grade seven leading in prayer
Taking time to pray for the new term
Reading the Bible
Hilda, CCP Academy headteacher addressing the pupils
A parent having time to talk to the classteacher
Confirming the bible readings
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