Farewell to Western Christian High School (WCHS)
Twenty-three Students and Teachers from Western Christian High School (WCHS), California USA, experienced a four day April Youth Vacation Bible School (VBS) dubbed “Love and Peace” that ended on April 21st, 2017 at CCP’s Community Center, Kawangware. The VBS attracted an average 192 youth and preteens from Kawangware and Ngando. The youth grouped into two teams “Winners” and “Empires” participated in fun games and cheer leading songs. WCHS team facilitated the youth camp alongside the CCP staff and shared their personal testimonies and also gave sermon. The first day saw the youth and preteens learn Bible lesson on “Loving your Neighbor based on Bible verse 1John 4:7-8, the second day’s lessons majored on “Fruit of the Spirit/Love Defined” in Galatians 5:22-23 with the theme message being ‘What is love?’. The third day they learnt about “Loving your Enemies”, (Genesis 37:-50). The last day, the youth learnt on “Easter” whereby Jordan Mullen brought out the meaning of Life, Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. ‘Jesus paid for all our sins, we need not to be guilty’ Jordan emphasized. It is by the grace of God that we are saved, Jordan continued. Six pre-teens and one youth gave their lives to Christ. We pray that by the help of God they will be rooted in the word of God and bare fruits upward. The seven will be taken through follow-up program to strengthen their faith in Christ. Stella Mwangi, CCP Managing Director was grateful for WCHS team of teachers; Cory Gardener, Greg Letherer, Chris Wilson, Emily Sylvester, Jordan & his wife Natasha Mullen. Also, the students; Allie Methuin, Elisabeth Robles, Emily Reynolds, Julia Hruska, Marisa Norheim, Mia Love Salas, Easton Armstrong, Marbella Jaramillo, Garrett Goodrich, Caleb (Fuzzy) Robles, Brianna Uni, Alexis Gedigian, Jake Driscoll, Jieyu Warren Liu, Junxian Robert Fang, Albert Ai, and Maddie Armstrong. CCP thanks WCHS team for sharing the love of Christ and partnering with us in making the April youth camp a success. Also, thanked a team from Kubamba Radio, a local Kenyan radio station for visiting on the third day and thrilling the youth with some dance and music. We would also like to thank CCP staff for tirelessly working alongside the team to impact the youth positively.
Youth taking some notes
Jordan Mullen, from WCHS Giving a sermon
At the Youth camp
Stella Mwangi, CCP's Managing Director appreciating the WCHS team
Group Discussion
Parting short after farewell
Learning some dancing styles
Team work
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