April 2017 Children VBS Ends
Five hundred and sixty-nine sponsored and non-sponsored children attended the last day of the Vacation Bible School (VBS) dubbed “Love and Peace,” which ended on April 21st 2017 at the Community Center in Kawangware and Ngando respectively. Ngando VBS attracted 321 children while 248 in Kawangware. The VBS was a success with the help of Twenty-three Western Christian High School (WCHS) guests and CCP staff. Sixty children gave their lives to Christ during the event. The four day’s event saw 36 children in Ngando and 24 in Kawangware give their lives to Christ. Forty-five children (39 in Ngando and 6 in Kawangware) rededicated their lives to Christ too. The first day saw children cover Bible lesson on “Love thy Neighbor” which focused on the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) and the Bible verse 1John 4:7-8. On the second day, children learnt about “Love your Enemies” covering the story of Joseph and his wicked brothers (Genesis 37:-50) and Bible verse Matthew 5:44-45. The third day’s lessons majored on “Fruit of the Spirit/Love Defined” in Galatians 5:22-23. “Easter” encouraged children on the last day of the VBS as they learnt the message of the Lost Lamb (Luke 22-24 & Luke 15:3-7). Children had a wonderful time learning God’s word through songs, crafts, Bible lessons and games. During the games moment, Ngando children formed four teams being, Cobra, Tigers, Lion & Red which competed amongst themselves in each day’s games. Cobra’s topped the teams with Tigers, Red and Lion coming in second, third and fourth respectively. On the other hand, Kawangware had two teams: Tiger & Gladiators whereby Tigers emerged the winners. Stella Mwangi, CCP’s Managing Director appreciated the WCHS for their time and gifting towards the VBS. Stella encouraged the children to attend our Good News Club (GNC) which takes place on Saturday. CCP appreciates WCHS and CCP staff for ensuring that children learn God’s word. It’s our prayer that there would be a transformation in the lives of the children.
At the closing ceremony
Stella Mwangi, CCP Managing Director giving the VBS closing remark
Creativity at the craft lesson
Jordan, WCHS Teacher helping at the VBS
Lesson time
Just after the lesson
Representatives from 'Tiger' group receive a gift.
Games time
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