CCP Academy Closes for First Term
CCP Academy closed school on April 6th, 2017 at the CCP Academy, Kawangware. The ceremony with the theme “Self Care” was to mark the end of the school activities until May 2nd, 2017. The cerebration started with praise and worship and an opening prayer that ushered in the rest of the activities of the day. Fredrick Mmbwanga, Children & Youth Coordinator encouraged the students in Exodus 20:1-8 on the first four commandment being; thou shall not have any other gods before me, thou shall not make unto thee any graven images, thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain and lastly remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. Fredrick further explained to the students that they should respect God and not make television their god during the holidays. He advised the students to make church their friend during the holiday. Presentations followed where grade 5 and 8 presented a song, skit and a Choral verse. Next, the class managers gave their comments concerning their respective classes. The common points that were addressed by the class managers were the need for the students to maintain discipline, absenteeism, clearing assignment, punctuality; they should work hard in their studies and to take good care of themselves at home this Easter festive. Different class managers gave their remarks and congratulated the students for the effort in their academics and discouraged absenteeism. The students were reminded to make sure they complete the holiday assignment. Grade 7 was the best performed class with an average opener exam of 241.5 and mid-term of 252.2. Their marks increased tremendously to 283.5 at the end-term examination. Marygorety Atieno, the highest scored had 423 marks followed by Timon Otieno, Tony Ouma, Bravin Odhiambo and Esther Makanga with 422, 401, 376 and 315 marks respectively. Teacher Davis Kidaki, the class manager encouraged the students to use their time to perfect their work, have private revision and watch news on television which is educative and of help in the Social Studies subject. Thereafter, Stella Mwangi, CCP Managing Director gave a token of appreciation as promised to five students who finished their December assignment on time; George Maiko, Violet Bosibori, Faith Gesare, Wellington Ojuku and Tonny Ouma. Stella gave a word of counsel to the students to be careful and listen to instruction from their teachers. “You hold a special place in our heart””, Stella informed the students as she explained to them that obedience makes God, parents and even their teachers happy. Jacqueline Ngige, Director of Finance awarded the best performed academically who had 300 marks and above. Susan Apiyo was awarded for maintaining 400 marks in the opener, mid-term and end-term examination. Jacqueline also awarded the eighth grade students who had 70% and above in each of the five subjects being Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Social Studies and Christian Religious Education (C.R.E). In addition, Allan Kemboi, the most improved student was also acknowledged and awarded. This was to motivate the students for good performance and also encourage others to do better next time. Jacqueline cautioned the eighth grade that it is time to be serious with education and not to play around. “It all determines by your good marks to get a good school” Jacqueline informed the students. She further advised the students to do extra work at home for revision. The teachers advised the students to read while at home because there will be examinations at the start of the term and also wished the students a wonderful Easter festive. Guardians also took the children’s report forms that day.
Pastor Fred, CCP's Children & Youth Coordinator giving a word of encouragement
Pupils listening attentively
2017-04-06 CCP Academy closing day (209).JPG
Hilda, CCP Academy Headteacher addressing the students
2017-04-06 CCP Academy closing day (486).JPG
Stella, CCP's Managing Director giving a token of appreciation to the Pupils
Pupils performing a skit
Closing with a word of prayer
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