CCP Students Visit Statehouse Girls High School
Fifty-one CCP girls from fifth to sixth grade visited Statehouse Girls High School, Nairobi, one of the highest performing extra-county high schools in Kenya, on March 29th, 2017. The educational visit aimed at mentoring the girls in academic excellence. Mrs. Luusa, a teacher who heads Science, Guidance and Counselling department advised the girls to have a positive attitude towards education, high self-esteem and character formation. The girls interacted with three form four students at the school hall who encouraged them how to improve in academics. Mercy Mutana Nyaga, best outstanding student in academics and the Deputy Student President gave the regimen of academic improvement as: hard work, consultation, discipline, confidence and God’s help. She advised the girls to cover their course work and be attentive in class, do homework to test their understanding and extra work for revision for better results. ‘Ask questions, don’t keep quite if you don’t understand’, Mercy directed. Siayo Tobiko, the School President informed the students that ‘opportunities are waiting for you, and are not for everyone but those that stand out, persevere, teachable and ready to learn’. Siayo advised the girls to have a plan and set goals for performance and also watch their friends. Faith Vugutsa, CCP’s ROPEs 2015 alumnus and a student at the school inspired the girls to have a positive attitude and mentality towards Mathematics as a subject. Faith made them understand that practice makes perfect and they should grab every opportunity that comes their way. Mrs. Luusa took the CCP girls on a tour of the schools hall, science laboratory, dining hall, dormitories and form 2F class where she is the class teacher. The form 2 students encouraged the girls to work hard and smart, be disciplined and set goals to join a good school. They also reminded the girls to dream big, respect and listen to their teachers. Mrs. Luusa showed the CCP girls some slides on mentoring. In conclusion, Dr. Judy Ogweno, the School Chaplin and head of the English department talked to the CCP girls about character formation and the fear of God. Dr. Judy encouraged the girls to have mentors, choose friends wisely, be prayerful, read inspirational books and have the fear of God. “Talent can take you up but only character will keep you there’, Dr. Judy quoted. Statehouse Girls High School has a population of 1200 students. In 2016 it had 250 candidates sit for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) where 173 qualified for University with a mean grade of C+ and above.
Mrs Luusa,addressing CCP girls
Hilda, CCP Academy Headteacher with the Girls concetrating
Dr. Judy asking a question
One of the girls lifting her hand to answer the question
Taking some notes
Faith Vugutsa, CCP’s ROPEs 2015 alumnus motivating the girls
A group photo
At the School Labaratory
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