High Self-esteem for Success
The eighth and seventh grade students at CCP Academy had a motivational talk on high self-esteem for academic success on March 22nd, 2017. The talk that took place at the school was intentionally customized to help prepare the students for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) examination that comes annually in the month of November. K.C.P.E is used as the basis of transiting students into high school hence considered a very important examination after the eight years of study in elementary school. The talk was facilitated by Mr. Caleb Arabu, a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) examiner and a teacher of English and Literature at Precious Blood High School-Riruta. Precious Blood High School-Riruta is a good performing extra county girls’ boarding school located within CCP’s area of operation. He challenged the students on how to improve their self-esteem by accepting who they are, admitting their mistakes, asserting themselves, valuing themselves, avoiding negative talks, developing their talents, honoring their commitments, taking responsibility of themselves and their choices. In addition, he challenged them on the need to manage their time well and avoid time wasters like watching too much television, inappropriate use of the internet, spending too much time on mobile phones, gossiping and failing to plan. He noted that for adequate preparation and ultimate success in the national examination; the students need to read widely, consult with their teachers, plan well through personal reading timetables, learn from their peers through group discussions, constantly practice and revise their work, keep a positive attitude, accept their weaknesses and do something about it. Mr. Arabu encouraged the 42 students present to keep doing the right thing in all circumstances and above all to “Keep trusting in God” because He is the ultimate authority in their lives in order to realize their purpose in life. The talk was also attended by Hilda Mwavishi, CCP Academy Head teacher besides Mr. Horace Rabuor, class 8 Class Manager and Mr. Davis Kidake, the class 7 Class Manager. CCP Academy is an Upper Primary School that started in 2014 and has 4th to 8th grades. Each grade has a capacity of 32 students in order to give quality and personalized attention to each child. Currently, the academy has 121 students among them 20 in grade eight who will be the second candidates’ class to sit K.C.P.E exams towards the end of the year.
Students listening carefully
Mr. Caleb Arabu explaining a point
Students taking some notes
Points on how to improve our self-esteem
A student answering a question
Mr. Caleb asking a question
Students listening attentively
Mr. Horace, CCP Academy teacher addressing the students
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