Grade Six CCP Academy Parents’ Meeting
Fourteen CCP Academy grade six parents attended this term’s parents meeting held at the school on May 26th 2015. The meeting aimed at discussing the academic performance of their children. The day kicked off with each student setting their academic goals during one on one session with their parents and teachers. Parents highlighted indiscipline, fear, bad company and lack of seriousness from some pupils that leads to some performing poorly. On the other hand, parents should show concern on the academic progress of their children for better performance. “We parents should pay attention to our children at home and check their homework as well as performance,” one of the parents stated. Parents also called upon teachers to enhance motivation for those students performing well, enhance team work, effective and efficient communication among teachers, parents and pupils to help the students perform better. On the same day, Ruth Adhiambo was elected as grade six Chairperson and Benta Adhiambo as the Vice. Benard Okoth, the Education Coordinator and Hildah Mwavishi, CCP Academy Head Teacher, called upon parents to cooperate with teachers in ensuring that their children succeed in their academics. “Your support and cooperation is key in helping these children succeed,” Benard stated. CCP Academy is an Upper Primary school with students from grade four to eight. It offers quality education and strengthens personalized teacher-student relationship for all grades.
One on one session
A teacher (center) helps a student set goals. Looking on is a parent
Isiah Mutie, a Teacher, speaks to parents
Hildah Mwavishi, the Head Teacher, addresses parents
At the meeting
A parent raises a concern
Benard Okoth, Education Coordinator, listens to a parent
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