CCP Competes with Hope Center, the Current AWANA National Champions
Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed (AWANA) competition between CCP and Hope Center occurred on October 31st at World Hope, Kawangware. The competition brought together over 500 children and preteens from the two sides that competed in games and ‘Bible Drill.’ Hope Center was divided into Red and Green teams while Blue and Yellow teams represented CCP. The tough competition begun with games in which Red team emerged the overall winners while CCP’s Blue team came in as runner’s up. The Green team took the third position while Yellow team emerged last. Thereafter, six participants from each team, based on their class/grade level (Preschool to grade two, three to five and six to eight), represented their teams in a tough Bible competition. The participants answered questions based on the scripture knowledge, texts, Bible books and AWANA Motto. Green team emerged the winner followed by Red. CCP’s Yellow and Blue teams came in third and fourth position respectively. Hope Center’s Red team emerged overall champions with 3, 300 points followed by CCP’s Blue team who garnered 2, 500 points. In the third position was Hope’s Green team with 2, 060 marks while another CCP representative, Yellow team, ranked 4th with 1,330 marks. Hope Center is the current national AWANA champions in Kenya. AWANA is a biblically based program that aims at reaching out to children with the gospel of Christ. CCP started AWANA program 11 years ago but the program was put on hold in 2009. CCP reintroduced AWANA into Good News Club, a program that teaches children God’s word, in January this year.
The spirit of competition
Cheering squard
Letter forming
A section of Hope Center
Bible Drill
The beauty of competition
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