First Bunch of 2015 Follow Up and Discipleship Students Graduate
This year’s first bunch of Follow Up and Discipleship students graduated on May 12th 2015 at Maranatha Church in Kawangware. The event saw 9 students among them 75 year old grandmother graduate in two categories being Discipleship 1 and two. The 9 involved six students in Discipleship 1 while 3 in Discipleship 2. Each of the nine received a certificate of completion in their respective categories after going through six sessions in each. Joshua Maraka, CCP’s Pastor led devotion based on John 1:12-13 and congratulated the graduants for their achievement. Pastor Joshua reminded the students of what they covered throughout the lesson and encouraged them to teach and spread the gospel to others. He reaffirmed them of their salvation through accepting and believing in Christ. Pastor Joshua noted on the importance of the students called upon the students to be light to none believers. “Just as God’s word is Light to our paths let us also be light to others and help them receive Christ,” Pastor Joshua remarked. Stella Stella Mwangi , the Managing Director emphasized on the importance of the 12 walking in a mature and godly character way as they had learnt during their lessons. Stella equated the 12 to being ambassadors of Christ in which their action should match their faith. She also challenged them to be prayerful and make the Bible their point of reference. Jacquiline Ngige, the Finance Director, on the other hand gave a brief history of the Follow Up and Discipleship programme. She also stated that evangelism and discipleship is the nerve of the great commission in Mathew 28:19 and challenged the students to step out and disciple others. Meanwhile, graduate after another testified of how they had benefited from the programme. James Thuo, affirmed that the sessions empowered him with boldness in preaching. “Now I have the confidence to even preach to others, a thing I could not do,” Thuo stated. He encouraged fellow graduants to be Christ advocates wherever they go. Vincent Shikuku thanked the CCP fraternity for the great work in ensuring that people know and understand God. The event climaxed with the cutting of cake to celebrate the achievement of the nine. They were also prayed for and commissioned to go out and preach the gospel. On the same day, 3 students commenced Follow Up program. The six who graduated in Discipleship 1 continued with Discipleship 2 while one continued with Discipleship 1. Meanwhile the new students received new learning materials in their respective categories. Follow Up aspects include Affirmation, Assurance of Salvation, Salvation, God’s Word, Prayer and Church. On the other hand, Discipleship One aspects included Growing in Christ likeness (Upwards, Inwards, and Outwards), Walking in Spirit, Overcoming Sin and Growing in Obedience. Discipleship two contains priesthood of all believers, bringing people to God, bringing God to people, worship as a lifestyle, servant hood and stewardship.
Word time
At the event
Some testimony
A section of audience
Cake cutting
A new Follow Up student (right) receives her learning materials
Commissioning time
A photo with the staff
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