Unity of Purpose
This year’s first staff outing on the theme ‘When Spider webs unite, they can tie up a Lion,’ was held on May 4th, 2015 at Taji Gardens in Thika. The event brought together 34 staff members aimed at developing stronger relationships amongst staff and especially the new staff, ignite the spirit of success to attain excellence at work, improve group and individual skills in decision making, improve communication efficiency, empower leadership skills and for fun and self-care. The team divided into two teams ‘Thaharakanithi’ and ‘Crackers ‘ engaged competitively in various games such as magic carpet, lift the pail, word search, football and creativity games such as building the tallest building with straws. The games helped the two teams discover values like trust, concentration, teamwork, individual and group input, departmental support at workplace, healthy competitions and embracing new employees at the work place. Joshua Maraka CCP’s Pastor congratulated the organizers of the event and emphasized that team work should be enhanced in the different departments. Jacqueline Ngige, Finance Director, stated that each employee is important contributing to the achievement of CCP’s mission and vision. “Without one of us we will all sink, School, Office Spiritual ministries are all vital and should work together, adding value to each other.” Stella Mwangi, the Managing Director, urged the staff to do their best in their entrusted duties and God would reward their efforts. She also welcomed the new staff on board encouraging them to work with the rest as a family unit.
Team work at its best
In style,I am Mary Wamalwa
Showing team support
Together we will win
Theme replicated in dance
Sharing a meal
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