Study Hall Parents Meeting
Twenty seven Study Hall parents attended a meeting focusing on “Child Support” on February 24th 2012 at CCP’s Community Center, Kawangware. The Education Ministry facilitated the meeting with Mable Umali, the Medical Coordinator, being the guest speaker. Mable guided and counseled parents/guardians on how to effectively support their children. She said that child support involved parents preparing their children for school and ensuring that they do their home-work. Mable also noted that it was important for parents to attend school meetings when required. This gives them opportunity to follow up their children to know their academic progress. Other support included providing their children with necessary school items such as books, pencils, pens among others. Mable called upon parents to ensure good grooming as it formed a critical part in academic excellence of the child. Parents were also asked to empower their children as they grow to become responsible citizens by teaching and allowing them perform some tasks on their own such as washing own clothes. Sellah Ouma, the Director of Operations , informed parents about CCP’s operations. At the end, Sellah led parents to witness and have a feel of the computer lab where their children study computer every Friday from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm. She called upon parents to encourage their children attend classes regularly. Study Hall is a program that provides high school, eighth and seventh grade students with a conducive studying environment. The students are also the first beneficiaries of the computer studies that started in January.
Benard Okoth, Education Coordinator welcomes parents
Parents at the meeting
At the meeting
Mable Umali, Medical Coordinator, speaks to parents
Parents give their ears
A parent raises a point
Sellah Ouma, Director of Operations, speaks at the event
Parents in the computer lab
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