Computer Trainings Start
The first Computer class kicked off on January 20th 2012 at CCP’s Community Center, Kawangware with an aim of equipping both children and the staff with computer knowledge and skills. Four teachers in the Education Ministry have already started training in preparation to teach level 7 and 8 pupils upon qualification. At the same time, 2 High School and 31 Level 7 and 8 students in CCP’s Study Hall program also started training and have so far covered introduction to computers. The group will thereafter progress to cover Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel as well as Typing Skills packages. After every package, students will sit for a Continuous Assessment Test and only those who score above 60 percent will proceed to other packages. The staff’s class takes place every Monday and Tuesday from 8.00 am to 12.00 noon while children’s class occurs every Friday from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm. The classes will run till end of April before the start of another intake. Certificates of completion will be issued to only those who excel in their examinations. The computer classes are currently being facilitated by Kennedy Muniu, the Information Technology & Administrative Assistant and Benard Okoth, the Education Coordinator. CCP would like to appreciate Christ Church of the Valley from California, USA for their generous contribution of 16 new Toshiba laptops that has led to the success of the computer classes. The laptops have also increased staff efficiency as we now have several machines that the staff can use to do their reports. Plans are underway to share network and internet services from the CCP’s Office to the CCP’s Community Center approximately 4 kilometers apart. This will avail to the students as well as the staff with internet for research purposes and enhance sharing of information on real time. Plans are underway to fundraise and acquire the necessary technological equipment that would enhance the networking.
Staff with the new laptops
Kennedy Muniu, Information Technology & Administrative Assistant teaching staff
A staff opens Microsoft Word document
Kennedy teaching
Benard Okoth, Education Coordinator introduces a student to computer
Some questions
Looking excited to learn computer
During the class
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