Sponsorship Tuition Parents’ Meeting
Sponsorship Tuition Parents meeting occurred on January 26th 2012 at CCP’s Community Center, Kawangware. Sellah Ouma, the Director of Operations facilitated the meeting empowering 16 parents with parental responsibility knowledge. Sellah underscored six letters of the word Parent (P-protector, A-accept, R-responsible, E-encourager, N-neutral and T-talk). Sellah stated that parents should offer protection to their children against bad companies, hunger among others. Parents should also accept their children the way they are regardless of their weaknesses. However, they should make an effort of helping their children be the best they can. Responsibility entailed parents caring for their children. In addition, parents were called upon to encourage their children by being role models. Responsibility also calls for parents to be neutral with their children. This involves parents not being biased or overprotective of their children. Sellah underlined the importance of parents talking to their children and also speaking positively in their lives. “Speak good to your children,” stated Sellah. The Sponsorship Tuition program helps sponsored children improve their performance in weak areas and help maintain good grades for those performing well. The children come from public schools which release them early for home and some private schools that allow their children to participate in the program. They are tutored in English, Mathematics, Kiswahili, Science, Social Studies and Christian Religious Education (CRE) subjects. Classes run from Monday to Friday.
Joshua Sereria, Youth Coordinator, encourages parents with the word of God
A parent reads the Bible
Some light moment
A parent makes a joke
Parents at the meeting
Sellah Ouma, Director of Operations, illustrates about parenting
Parents listen
Sellah speaks to parents
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