Eleven CCP Ex-Candidate Prepared to Join College
Eleven out of the expected 12 in 2019 ex-candidates accompanied by their guardians attended a meeting organized by CCP's Education Department on February 7th, 2020 at ACK, Gatina. The purpose of the meeting was to help the students discuss a way forward as they have transitioned to college. Pastor Billy Lusava, CCP's Children & Youth Coordinator gave word of encouragement from Deuteronomy 31:1-13 on healthy transition. Billy highlighted five tips on a healthy transition being; Preparation, mindset, courage, word of God and trust in the Lord. He further advised them to allow the word of God to guide them and put Christ at the center of everything. "Focus on things ahead and forget the past. Look for people who will encourage you and have positive perception towards life", Billy advised. Mable Umali, CCP'S Medical & Sponsorship Coordinator led the students in an open discussion about the feedback in regards to career & college selection. The students had ideas on the courses to pursue and therefore they needed further guidance. Stella Mwangi, CCP's Managing Director advised the students on importance of soft skills which include people and work skills as they pursue their career. Stella pointed out three key things for the students to always remember. Including; putting God at the center of everything, focus on education and find a career mentor. She reminded them that CCP has brought them up in the ways of God hence the need to always prioritize Him. She encouraged them to give back to volunteer at CCP because it will help them at the job market place. 'The more you give yourself to volunteer the more the Lord blesses you. Don't be tight-fisted in giving back to the community', Stella advised. She further recommended the students to search for government accredited colleges. Her prayer is for God to give them wisdom & surround them with people to encourage them. "You are an investment to CCP and therefore a time will come that some of you will be leaders in this organization", Stella remarked. In the meantime, Jacqueline Ngige, CCP's Director of Finance emphasized on CCP expectation and character formation. She affirmed the students that success is within them and they all have potential but it depends on their attitude. She further advised them to take advantage of applying for government legal documents like Identity card (ID), voter's card, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) pin number. Thereafter, the students and guardians were divided into groups to be taken through on the college Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MOU is to give guidelines as the students become independent young adults as they join college. In conclusion, Benard Okoth CCP's Education Coordinator enlightened the students on report writing and mentor-ship. He went ahead and invited them for an in-house training on the same on Monday the following week. This was essential because it will be required of them to start writing monthly reports to their sponsors. Benard advised the students to apply for the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS). KUCCPS is responsible for the processing of admission of government sponsored students to universities and colleges. The students were given some insights and opportunities to start volunteering in all the CCP's departments.
A guardian introducing herself
Enthusiastic Stella Mwangi at the meeting
Jacqueline addressing the meeting
Listening keenly
A word of encouragement from Pst. Billy
One of the students explaining her career choice
Benard, passing round the College MOU for perusal
Mable taking the team through the MOU
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