ROPEs fundraising breakfast
On the morning of 22nd February, 2020, CCP's ROPEs Team held a fundraising breakfast to raise funds for this year's ROPEs camp set for November this year. The fundraising breakfast was attended by twenty-three guardians, 30 grade eight pupils, eight ROPEs alumni and 10 CCP staff. Benard Okoth CCP's ROPEs Coordinator, led the guardians in worship before inviting Pallomeh Angaya, CCP's ROPEs Counselor who shared word on "Dominion" and encouraged everyone present to subdue and rule over what God has given them (Gen1:26,28). She encouraged everyone to be good stewards of what God has given them. God expects us to be fruitful and multiply what he has given us. Benard then invited ROPEs alumni who shared a few life lessons they learnt from ROPEs. Carolyne Syovata who is in 12th grade this year shared that ROPEs helped her learn stewardship. "I learnt how to manage the resources I have, for example my pocket money. I can manage the little I have been given by not overspending on unimportant things", She added. Amos Onyango another alumnus learnt about courage. He said that he can address people without fear and also face any difficulty with courage. He also learnt time management that is essential in planning his time well in school. Benard then explained the importance of ROPEs in a pre-teens life. In his speech, he outlined that ROPEs is important in preparing the children for high school as well as transitioning them from childhood into more responsible adult. He passed around pictures of previous ROPEs camps as he explained that each camp is different from the other in terms of venue and experiences. He asked the guardians their needs assessment. The fundraising breakfast was climaxed by a sumptuous breakfast as everyone gave their contribution for the camp. ROPEs is an acronym for Rites Of Passage Experiences and is a one year program that consists of thirty-six lessons for teenagers and six meetings for guardians. Since its inception at CCP in 2012, the program has been able to transition one hundred and ninety two with seventy four currently in high school.
prayer time
Benard addressing the meeting
A ROPEs alumnus sharing his experience
Amos sharing his experience
A section of guests listening to what is being said
Boys looking at photos of previous year's ROPEs camps
Parents having a chat
Girls having a chat over breakfast
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