CCP ROPEs Coordinators at a Retreat
On February 19th 2020, nine CCP ROPEs Counselors among many Churches and Christian organizations attended a Coordinators' hangout organized by Tanari Trust, Nairobi. The aim of the retreat was to review 2020 ROPEs curriculum and get feedback from all the Coordinators during the 2019 ROPEs camp. Felix Ochieng, Bible Translation Literature (BTL) and an Assistant Program Coordinator at Tanari Trust enlightened the coordinators on several topics featured in the new ROPEs curriculum which included; World view which contains the nature and upbringing of the Ropers, secondly Biblical Manhood and Womanhood which comprises; image bearing, relationships, stewardship, hardship, helpers and nurturers. Thirdly, being Money and management in line with earn, give, save and spend and lastly the Camp which includes the 5T's - Train, Timing, Terrain, Test and Trust. Thereafter Mubui Kilonzo, ROPEs Camp Coordinator at Tanari Trust, engaged the team to highlight challenges and success encountered by different groups in 2019. Tanari appreciated the commitment and partnership of every organization and churches represented. ROPES was developed out of a need to give young people guided transition from childhood to adulthood. This practice was quite common in the olden days, but with urbanization this practice has declined. With the ROPES program we ensure that the growth and development of young people is not left to chance.
Bonding time
At the hangout
Mubui, explaining some details
Taking some notes
Felix, engaging the team
Some demonstration to explain a point
Some of the CCP ROPEs Coordinators
Snacking and bonding
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