CCP Academy opens
CCP Academy learners resumed learning on 7th January, 2020 after a two- month Holiday. The learners were accompanied by their guardians for consultations with teachers. It was also exciting to welcome the new learners in grade 3 as well as those joining from other schools in other grades. CCP's Spiritual coordinator, Pastor Billy encouraged the learners to be the best they can this year. He shared word from Deuteronomy 28 and encouraged the learners that they can be the best this year. CCP Academy's Head teacher, Hilda Mwavishi welcomed the learners back to school and encouraged them to better their best. She also asked the learners to be their brothers' keepers in the sense that they need to help the new students find their way around. She also reminded the learners of the school rules that have to be adhered to ensure smooth running of all the activities in school in the course of the year. She celebrated the good resulted posted by KCPE class of 2019 and urged this year's candidates to beat the record set by the previous year. She then invited CCP staff present to introduce themselves to the new students. CCP's Director of Finance, Jaquelene Ngige welcomed the learners back to school and encouraged them to work for better results this year. She also echoed the Head teacher's words of being a brother's keeper. She led the leaners in reciting Psalm 23 before they were allowed to go to class. As we begin the New Year, CCP Academy hopes to help the learners be their best selves this year and improve on their academics.
A parent doing consultations with a teacher
CCP Academy learners in class
Now for some encouragement as we start this year
CCP Academy learners during The opening assembly addressed by their teacher
Learners taking note of what is being said
CCP Academy's Head teacher addressing the school
CCP staff welcoming the learners back to school
CCP's Director of Finance praying for the learners
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