Staff Christmas Party
On 11th December, 2019, CCP held a staff Christmas party to appreciate its staff for making 2019 an amazing year for the organization and its clients. The party themed All Glory to God was held at Nairobi's Ambo Gardens in Lavington. The event began at 8 am with a welcome note from the office team. Staff were then treated to a delicious breakfast to psyche them up for the coming activities. It was also time to get to know how each other's year had been. We then began the day's activities with a session of praise and worship. Irene Kerubo, CCP's communication coordinator encouraged the staff to reflect back on the year. Cut out scriptures were distributed and the staff were asked to share on how the scriptures they were given relate to Do good feel good. After scripture sharing, we sang 'Mary's Boy child', a Christmas carol that ushered us into the next activity, Speeches from the executive team. In her speech, CCP's Director of Finance Jacqueline Ngige was grateful for an amazing year and was hopeful for a better coming year. CCP's Managing Director Stella Mwangi appreciated the staff for making 2019 a successful year and also acknowledged Teacher Davis as Staff of the year. She also encouraged the staff to support the construction project and to also link the organization to like- minded organizations. We were then asked to pick randomly numbered raffle tickets. The tickets were numbered in line with wrapped gifts. Everyone was given an individual gift bag with a T-shirt and candy. The raffle tickets were used to play a game. One was to go to the front and randomly pick a Christmas card for a colleague. They were then to pick a gift that marches the raffle and gift it to the colleague. The activity was a fun was to gift the staff and wish them a Merry Christmas. We were allowed to unwrap the gifts and exchange for those who wanted to exchange. CCP's Stella Mwangi and her counterpart Jacqueline Ngige had a surprise for the staff. Each staff was handed an envelope with some cash as a token of appreciation from two families. No one had seen that coming, everyone was happy for the gift they had received. We then sang 'Twelve Days of Christmas' and 'Feliz Navidad' before having lunch. After lunch CCP's director of Finance asked for reviews from the staff on how they rated the venue, the food and the activities of the day. The feedback was quite positive as staff had so much to say. They were contented by the party. The office team then gave a vote of thanks to appreciate everyone who came. A photo session then followed; staff took photos before we prayed and were allowed to go home at 4:30pm.
A staff sharing her 2019 experience
The calm before the storm
Congratulations Davis!
Careful consultations
It has been an amazing year
Merry Christmas!!
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Grateful for an amazing 2019
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