Staff training by One Hope
On 9th December, 2019 33 CCP staff had training on a new curriculum for our spiritual programs. The training was facilitated by New Hope and was held at Maisha Poa from 8 am to 5pm. In the first session, John (one of the facilitators) reminded the staff on how children should be handled; with love and affection. He reminded that even Jesus was not happy when the disciples were forbidding children from going to Him. John also emphasized on salvation to all including children. A survey was done to determine at what age did most of us hear and accept Jesus and salvation. The result showed 45% heard of Jesus between age 3-8 and 75% received salvation between ages 6-15. With this survey, John encouraged us to give chance to all children to receive salvation. He discouraged people from underestimating children's decisions on salvation. The first session was concluded by introduction of the new curriculum; Stories of Hope Teachers' guide and the learners guide. The second session was done in the afternoon by Abubakar who reminded as that teenagers are not confused, they are just in at a confused stage. He reminded that teen stage is quite a delicate stage and needs care when handling issues. Any comment or action taken when dealing with teenagers could build or ruin relationships. The emphasized on being good ambassadors of Christ "The way we portray Jesus directly influences their reception of Jesus and salvation." He said. He introduced the new curriculum; Lead;Leaders' guide and the students' guide. He emphasized on the importance of the curriculum; it is important in helping develop good leaders among our youth and teenagers and is effective in leadership training. It ministers to you before it ministers to your audience. After that, a question and answer session followed. We got to ask the facilitators questions on the materials and any other questions we had about ministry. We concluded the training at 5pm, happy to be equipped and trained in preparation for the coming year.
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