For the Boys Camp 2019- The Fourth man
On 2nd December 2019, nineteen mentees, fourteen mentors and seven guests from the USA went to Elsamere conservation center, Naivasha for a one- week camp. The camp was opened by Andrew and Angela the team leaders from the USA who welcomed all the mentees and mentors. Andrew shared the theme of the camp 'The fourth man' from Daniel 3 the story of Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego. They gave the boys, For The Boys back packs,t-shirts, notebooks and pens. Andrew shared to the mentees the meaning of the theme as the fourth man being Jesus Christ and he encouraged them that; when you are in fire God will not leave you alone, we should exercise strong faith like that of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego and our God is not limited by any circumstances in our lives. The boys also set some intentional and community agreement for the week from each of the five groups. The next day, the boys did powerful praise then worship Pastor Fred did the devotion on the topic prayer and fasting bible reading Ezra 8:21-29 and Nehemiah 1. He defined fasting as Abstinence from the things we love for the sake of Christ. He also gave reasons as to why people fast for instance, because of the situation in which people are undergoing in their lives, to seek God's intervention and it is a sign of humility. He also encouraged the boys that, Prayer accompanied by fasting is very powerful and that through fasting we will be connected with the fourth man. The fire of the day was Temptation which was taught by Jonathan from USA. He defined temptation as the desire to do something wrong or unwise. He read from the book of Daniel 3:1-7. He taught that everybody gets tempted but we have a choice to make either to fall into temptation or to stand out, being tempted is not a sin falling into it is sin. He also encouraged them they should have courage and boldness like that of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego to stand all fire in our lives. He highlighted three ways to overcome temptation, study God's word, persistent prayer and having someone to talk and to help you overcome temptation. After the fire of the day, we all went for personal reflection and all the five groups went to create their team names, chants and work on talent show performance. In the afternoon mentees and mentors went for swimming to enjoy themselves at Naivasha simba lodge. In the evening, Samuel Okoth did a testimony on the topic temptation. Day three morning's devotion was done by Nicholas on the topic being on God's side readings 1 Samuel 4:10, 7:7-13. The fire of the day was Fear readings Daniel 3:4-6, 3:17-18, 1peter 3:14-15, Luke 22;39-44, which was taught by Josh. He taught that there are two types of fears, healthy fears and unhealthy fears. He encouraged them that our Lord is greater than any fire in our lives, God has a greater plan for us all, we should not let our fears outweigh our faith and fear is going to be a hindrance in our lives but the decision is all ours. In the afternoon we all went for an activity at Hell's Gate. We did rock climbing and bicycle riding and the lesson was to overcome our fears. In the evening the testimony was done by Pastor Fred on the topic fear. We also had a question and answer time from a panel consisting of USA and Kenyan mentors and some of the questions were how to overcome temptation, how do you stop bad habit/addiction, how to stop lying and how to overcome depression. We thank the Lord so much, since on this day for boys gave their lives to Christ and one boy rededicated his life to Christ. Day four's Morning devotion was done by Bernard on the topic the 4S (Solitude, Service, Submission and Sabbath) Daniel 1. He encouraged the mentees that they need to always have a personal time with God (Solitude), they have to respect God's authority (Submission), they need rest (Sabbath), we need to serve our Lord and have a personal relationship with Him (Service). The fire of the day Greed taught by Rick, Deuteronomy 17:16-17, James 4:1-2, Proverbs 13:4. He defined greed as having the feeling of wanting everything for yourself. He encouraged the boys that they should always have gratitude for what they have, God wants us to be contented and that they should not misunderstand complexity with contentment. After the lesson we all went for solitude and personal reflection time. In the afternoon section we had a soccer match; mentors versus mentees. The mentors won 6 - 4 against the mentees. Evening we had testimony from Morris on the topic Greed. Then it was time for question and answer time from a panelist of Kenyan mentors and USA team on the topic hygiene and how to handle ladies in our lives. The evening came to an end with talent show from the five groups which included of mentees, mentors and the guests. The judges were Angela, Kelli and Candice. The best acting went to group 5, best team work went to group 2, and best storyline went to group 4, most creative group 1 best use of theme group 3. We also had chants from each of the five groups. On the last day we had a powerful worship from both mentees and mentors. The fire of the day was Shame by Evans Simiyu readings Ephesians 5:12, Daniel 3:16-18 Psalm 34:18. He shared that some people feel ashamed because of their inability to do something. He also told them that stealing is a very shameful habit and abusing drugs. He finalized by encouraging them not to be ashamed of where they come from, not to be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus, not allowing the devil to make them feel ashamed. Andrew and Bernard led the mentees and mentors in an activity called breaking the shackle. The mentees and mentors wrote their fears and burnt them into the fire as a way of breaking the fears in their lives, then left Elsamere for Nairobi at 1.00pm. Upon arrival, FTB 2019 team was joyfully received by CCP staff at the office and were served lunch before allowing the mentees to go home. The mentors were to meet in the evening for an appreciation dinner at Myra Residence in Kilimani. 7th December marked the end of the 2019 FTB camp as mentors, mentees and a few guardians converged at Mashpark Hotel along Ngong road to celebrate the time they had spent with the US team and say 'Kwaheri' to them. In their speeches the mentees appreciated the impact FTB mentorship program had on them and described the camps as transformational. The US team was grateful for the amazing time they had spent with the boys and hoped to come back soon enough. The For the Boys (FTB) Program is a boys' mentorship program that seeks to empower the next generation of men in Kenya.
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